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As indicated by #Vastu Shastra, the ruler of “Agni” wins in south-east heading. So in a perfect world the kitchen ought to be situated in south-east of the home. The second best choice is north-west piece of the home. The stove ought to be set in south-east bearing of the kitchen with the goal that the cook may confront east heading while at the same time cooking.

East quadrant is viewed as an amazing area for kitchen since this region brings thriving. South-east is the best heading for the kitchen. In slanting plots, maintain a strategic distance from north quadrant which affects female individuals. West quadrant gives normal outcomes for kitchen. The kitchen ought not to be set under or above Pooja Room, Toilet or Bed Room.

The directions of different things of the kitchen:

The Entrance: Entry entryway of kitchen ought to be in the East, North or West. The entryway of kitchen ought not to be in any of the corners.

Cooking Gas: The gas stove ought to be in southeast corner, a couple of inches far from the divider. It ought not to be before the fundamental entryway of the kitchen. Gas stove or some other cooking material ought to be put in such a route as enables the cook to confront just towards the East while cooking. In the event that the woman confronts west while cooking, it might prompt medical issues. Cooking with confront towards the south may prompt money related issues in the family.

Dining in Kitchen:

The nourishment ought to never be served at the eating table put in the focal point of the kitchen. Feasting table ought to be set in north-west corner of the room. One should just face towards east or north while taking sustenance for good assimilation.

Gas Cylinder: Gas Cylinder ought to be kept in south-east. Purge Cylinder ought to be kept in south-west.

Refrigerator: The bearing of fridge ought to be in south-east, south, west or north course. Fridge ought not to be in north-east heading.

Electric Equipment’s: Heaters, ordinary broilers, miniaturized scale waves stoves ought to be put in south-east or south side of the kitchen; never in north-east bit.

Sink: Sink (wash bowl) ought to be in north-east corner beyond what many would consider possible.

Storage: The Storage racks ought to be made on southern or western divider Essential items like boxes of grain, flavors, beats, and so on ought to be in south or west heading. The water source including pitcher, water channel, and so on might be kept in north-east.

Flooring: Ceramic tiles, mosaic, marble are great decisions for kitchen flooring. Fired tile flooring is prescribed to oblige Indian conditions as it is recolor free, tidy free and scratch safe.

Windows: There ought to be maybe a couple windows or air gaps in the east heading of the kitchen. A fumes fan in the East is great.

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