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Vaastu is the study of heading that consolidates all the five components of nature and equalizations them with man and materials. It is about the connection of different types of best impact on a living individual. It plans to make an inconspicuous favorable climate in a structure in which we can get the best ourselves, in this manner preparing for improved wellbeing, riches, flourishing and satisfaction in an edified situation. Like some other science, Vaastu is widespread, normal, pragmatic and utilitarian. It is not a religion but rather a science.

The guideline set down in Vastu Shastra were planned keeping in see, the enormous impact of the Sun, its light and warmth, sun powered vitality, headings of wind, the moon position, the world’s attractive field and the impact of universe on our planet. The framework is an admixture of exploration of bearings, space science and astrology.

These impacts may differ by changing of outer and inward condition of the abode house. These issues may shift from individual to individual additionally and place to put.

Henceforth in the event that you are having any of issues in your living house, at that point accept counsel from Vaastu Shastra Expert/advisor and continue likewise to have a tranquil life.

North-East [Esyanya] deformity:

This is the imperative bearing in the house according to Vaastu Shastra.

Articles that make North East deformity: Cut/WC/Stairs/Too numerous Heavy questions or Clutter in the NE

Imperfection (Dosh) in North East heading can make following issues:

  • Dispute in Family and Business accomplices
  • Divorce plausibility
  • Incurable sicknesses in relatives, this is a typical impact
  • Fund Blockage and moderate developmentastrorushi banner2
  • Non submissive to senior citizens
  • Children Education issues.
  • Marriage and Infertility issues and most youthful child may endure.

South-West [Nairytya] Defect:

Imperfections in South-West: House may have Cut/Extension/Underground water tank/Bore-well/Septic Tank/Slope in South-West.

Any imperfection in South-West heading of the house can make following issues.

  • Delay in marriage of any relatives living in it.
  • Uncontrolled uses
  • Bad propensities and awful society companions to a more youthful part.
  • Unsatisfied Relations amongst a couple
  • Kidney related issues/Instability or battle full Life/Women’s in the House endures more.

South-East [Agneya] Defect:

Imperfections in South-East: South East of the house may have Cut/Extension/Water or Septic Tank/Toilet/Clutter/Store room in the SE

Absconded South-East Direction of the house gives issues in:

  • Fire related mishaps and Theft fear.
  • Stomach issue
  • Disturbed connection amongst a couple and No sexual coexistence between them
  • No true serenity for ladies’ and for the most part they have Health issues
  • Marriage related issues, for example, not finding an appropriate mate
  • Adverse consequences for money related inflow

North-West (Vayvya) imperfection:

Components that make surrenders in North-west are:

North West cut/expansion, Water tank/Bore-well in NW

In the event that you are having imperfection in North-west Direction of the house, you need to confront following issues:

  • Bad connection with neighbors and with pariahs
  • Legal issues and debate incorporating Legal issue with government concerns
  • Disturbed connection with companions and relatives
  • Borrowings out of hand and Loans
  • Depression and Cardio related Problems.
  • Unwanted lawful issues
  • No framework bolster/No assistance from known or obscure companions
  • Inmates need to take after Life Ethics entirely.


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